Tin Drum Asian Kitchen

Tin Drum Asia Café

Legend has it that in ancient times, there was a man who would walk the streets beating on a tin drum, calling the locals together to laugh, listen to music, catch up on gossip—and most importantly, share a meal. This man was known, not surprisingly, as the Tin Drummer.

At the sound of the beat, people would follow the Tin Drummer into the colorful cafes that called from the sidewalks, filling them with the buzz of lively conversation against the clamor of pots and pans and the dizzying scents of sizzling woks. In this electrifying mix, there was no rich and poor or young and old—everyone delighted equally in the simple joy of the foods they loved. And above it all the Tin Drummer with his rhythmic beat hovered like the sun.

The Tin Drummer was the pulse of the community in ancient times.

Today, he is the inspiration for all of us at Tin Drum Asiacafé.

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